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Global Cloud & Innovation Summit 2023

With three exciting days filled with more insights, experts, networking and go-to-market content, it’s never too soon to think about how you will spend your time at the Global Cloud and Innovation Summit.

*All times are local to Las Vegas, Nevada PST.


Spotlight Speaker:

Victor Baez

Senior Vice President,
Global Cloud Channel Sales,
Ingram Micro

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Engage in the Conversation

Network with forward-thinking industry leaders, connect with like-minded individuals and dare to ask questions about where our digital landscape is headed.

Breakout Sessions

Leading Innovation with Ingram Micro’s Growth Solutions

Innovation is critical for growth—and as the speed of business cycles increase, current models may not withstand the rapid changes. Enter Growth Solutions. Join us as we uncover the fastest-growing categories: Modern Cloud Platforms and Cybersecurity.

Best of Both Worlds: Maximizing Cloud and On-Premise Systems that Reach Business Goals

Most customers have a need for both cloud and on-premise systems—are you ready to deliver? In this session, discover how to effectively leverage both systems and provide your clients with tailored solutions that perfectly fit their business processes.

Cyber Criminals, Who? Best Practices for Combatting Fraud

In this session, we’ll be sharing the best security tips for keeping your customers’ environments safe from fraudsters. We’ll also walk through our support protocol in the event of a crippling breach. Now that’s true peace of mind!

Building Economic Resilience: How Customer Success KPIs Can Drive Success for Your Business

In uneasy times, creating resiliency in your business is imperative to longevity. But where do you start? We’re looking at some of our most successful partners and the customer success metrics that have helped them take strong positions in the market.

Easy, Effortless and Effective: Platform Integrations that Scale Your Business

Did you know you can easily automate data exchange between Xvantage and your local systems? Learn how you can improve visibility into your business operations from intuitive, ready-to-use native integrations to flexible, do-it-yourself integrations.

The Xvantage Difference: Explore the Shift from Cloud Marketplace to Our Newest Digital Platform

Today’s landscape is constantly evolving—and so are we. Join us for live demos and discover how the most popular features and capabilities from Cloud Marketplace have seamlessly transitioned to our newest platform, Xvantage.

The Customer Success Playbook: Winning Strategies that Drive Customer Retention and Success

Playbooks serve as the foundation for a winning strategy, but how do you get a plan in motion? Whether your focus is on services or recurring revenue, this session will provide valuable insights on how to identify key milestones in the customer journey.

Modern Mindset: Best Practices in Sales and Marketing for Today’s Modern Security MSP

Let’s face it—selling high-margin, high-value managed security isn’t easy. Join us for a dynamic session filled with expert tips on how to build a lead engine for cloud and security managed services that bolsters qualified leads for 2023 and beyond.

The Next Generation

You’re in the business of solving problems and being a trusted strategic advisor, not just selling products—and we are here to help make your life a bit easier. Discover how Xvantage is designed to empower your business toward a future-proof tomorrow.

How to Future-Proof Your Business with Strategic Integrations

Seamless integration has a nice ring to it—and in this session, we are talking about simplifying all processes. Discover how you can streamline operations and stay ahead of changing tools and technologies with upcoming innovative integrations.

Trust X Alliance and LATAM communities will also have invite-only sessions tailored to their business goals and objectives.