Going beyond Ingram Micro

Good business means doing good for our communities, a principle at the core of Responsibility, one of the Tenets of Our Success. We recognize the role that we play in the larger ecosystem and strive to not only be a good corporate citizen, but a community partner and advocate. We implement this through philanthropic donations, matching gift programs, sponsorships, volunteerism, active participation in community events, monetary and in-kind donations, and representation on the boards of nonprofit organizations.

Our philanthropic efforts

We believe in sharing our success with our communities and supporting the transformative work led by nonprofits and global NGOs. Much of our philanthropic work is managed at the local level, supporting initiatives that resonate with our associates. At the corporate level, our efforts include employee volunteerism, leadership engagement, matching gifts, charitable giving (monetary and in-kind) and disaster relief.

Volunteerism at Ingram Micro

As a global company made up of strong local teams, volunteerism is a high priority at Ingram Micro and an essential part of who we are. Our volunteering is managed locally and directed at the initiatives that are pursued by our local employees who participate as volunteers.

Building community with intention

Ingram Micro associates organize and take part in hundreds of community, partner and industry events every year, from speaking engagements and tradeshows to webinars and thought leadership forums. We also champion programs and initiatives that recognize female leaders in technology at our annual Cloud Summit, Ingram Micro ONE, Trust X Alliance and SMB Alliance events, and even host a podcast, B2B Tech Talk, which covers a whole range of tech topics to help listeners be successful and stay ahead of the curve.


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