What stewardship means to us

At Ingram Micro, we deliver the promise of technology, and strive to do this in a responsible way that safeguards the planet for future generations. We recognize the environmental impacts that technology and the products we distribute have, and are committed to implementing international standards and best practices within our own operations while working with our supply chain partners to do the same.  


Our commitment to people and the planet is set forth in our Environmental Stewardship Policy, which operates through our dedicated environmental sustainability program, IngramMicroPlanetary. Through this program, we strive to reduce our environmental footprint by monitoring and tracking our environmental impact, setting context-and-risk-based goals and driving and recognizing outstanding environmental stewardship.

10 to Zero

The 2020s must be the Decade of Climate Action to slow and eventually reverse the impacts of carbon pollution. Inspired by this challenge, we pledge to achieve zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and zero waste in our facilities by 2030, as part of our 10 to Zero initiative.

Still curious about our ESG initiatives?