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Corporate Social Responsibility 2010 Annual Report

Smart Citizen Smart Steward

It's the People

Workplace of Choice

Ingram Micro is a company where Partner Smart is more than a brand promise -- it’s our way of life. Our success is driven by our exceptional people and through our strong values. Without them, we would just be another technology distributor. It’s the people who work here, combined with the culture we create together, that makes Ingram Micro stand out from the crowd.

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Workforce Diversity

Ingram Micro views diversity as one of our primary competitive advantages. We believe that diversity is required to sustain our company performance and continued success. We provide the tools each person needs to be successful here. To help ensure a strong and diverse workforce, we offer programs and benefits that support the success of associates with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

In 2012, Ingram Micro created the Diversity and Inclusion Forum which is currently operating in the North America region. The Diversity and Inclusion Forum is committed to:

  • Promote an environment of respect and inclusion where all individuals are valued for their talents and empowered to reach their fullest potential.

Key Growth Strategies for the Diversity and Inclusion Forum

Diverse Pipeline: Creating Equal Opportunities for Future Leaders
Ingram Micro focuses on building our internal talent pipeline through identification and development of high potential associates while recruiting talented individuals from our communities. Our goal is to identify a diverse set of individuals when creating this pipeline and provide equal opportunities for professional advancement.

Diversity of Thought: Creating an Engaged Workforce
The Forum will create awareness, advocacy, communication, education and networking opportunities in an open and safe environment to empower Ingram Micro associates for business success.

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Diversity Business Network

Through our Diversity Business Network in the U.S., Ingram Micro facilitates industry connections for small and diverse businesses that sell to systems integrators, large prime contract holders, and U.S. federal, state and local government agencies.

The Diversity Business Network was created to maximize the potential for inclusion in the government procurement landscape. The key goal of this program is to provide our resellers with a platform to offer their value added products and services on a competitive basis to government offices and agencies.

Through IM Link, Ingram Micro's Services Program, government procurement offices are able to identify small and diverse resellers within a broad range of vendor certifications and a deep roster of diversity status. The program is open to current Ingram Micro U.S. resellers who are members of the Public Sector Elite program.

For information on joining the Diversity Business Network, please email Katelyn Illingworth or Jerry Mason.

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Safety and Wellness

It is the policy of the company to provide all Ingram Micro associates with a safe work environment, and to conduct business in a manner that promotes safety and provides protection from workplace hazards. This includes tools such as our risk management web site and processes that associates can follow through use of safety manuals and audits.

Ingram Micro’s focus on health and wellness can also be seen in our U.S. wellness program, IMagine a Healthier You. This program includes a wellness guide with tips and tools for preventive care. Additionally, associates have access to Health and Wellness Advocates. The Health Advocate program helps associates get the most out of their healthcare benefits, from finding the right doctor to resolving a health claim issue. The Wellness Advocate program includes an annual health risk assessment that associates can use to target areas for health improvement. A health coach is provided to assist in lifestyle changes. Many other benefits, including continuous learning and reward programs for work well done, are also provided to associates to manage their work/life balance.

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Code of Conduct

Our corporate vision and values speak to our business standards for ethical, honest and legal practices. We are accountable to demonstrate these values that are also outlined in our Code of Conduct and Corporate Governance policies.

Code of Conduct in additional languages
Arabic 524K, PDF Indonesian 385K, PDF
Bulgarian 401K, PDF Italian 414K, PDF
Chinese 496K, PDF Portuguese 385K, PDF
Dutch 381K, PDF Spanish 418K, PDF
French 430K, PDF Swedish (Svenska) 369K, PDF
German 418K, PDF Thai 635K, PDF
Hungarian 373K, PDF Turkish 512K, PDF


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