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Corporate Social Responsibility 2010 Annual Report

Smart Citizen Smart Steward

Supplier Sourcing

Choosing Sustainable Sourcing Suppliers

Ingram Micro strategically plans its sourcing solutions by using suppliers with products that have a low environmental impact or a bias toward environmental management, recognizing personal and corporate ways that people and companies can reduce waste.

Ingram Micro's U.S. and European cafeterias are run by ARAMARK, which is committed to purchasing responsible foods, saving resources and reducing waste. Some of the ways this supplier limits its impact on the environment include:

  • Increasing purchases of natural and locally grown products
  • Promoting portion controls that reduce food waste
  • Reducing paper and disposable waste by offering innovative solutions to carrying, serving, and transporting food and beverages on site
  • Providing sustainable seafood choices from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program
  • Encouraging food waste composting and other practices in coordination with facility practices
  • Selecting ENERGY STAR equipment when purchasing kitchen equipment

e-Cycle provides Ingram Micro a safe and environmentally friendly method for the disposal of used mobile phones and devices. e-Cycle collects company-owned used wireless devices, providing reimbursement for those that retain value and recycling all others at no charge through an e-Stewards certified facility. A rigorous multi-step data deletion process permanently removes confidential data stored on these devices. Not only does e-Cycle maintain a strict zero landfill policy, their e-Stewards certification also ensures dedication to upholding the highest global standards for environmental responsibility.

As a key supplier that moves our products through the supply chain, FedEx can be counted on to optimize its use of fuel and travel routes, increase its use of hybrid vehicles, reduce noise pollution from its fleet of airplanes and provide envelopes and boxes and packs with 100%, 20% and 60% recycled content, respectively. Responsible conservation is shown by this Ingram Micro supplier.

Georgia Pacific
In the United States, Ingram Micro purchases its corrugated cartons from Georgia Pacific, which takes a comprehensive approach to the environment. From its use of materials and manufacturing processes to the reusability of items we purchase, Ingram Micro and Georgia Pacific are working together to limit our environmental impact while still meeting the needs of our customers worldwide.

Ingram Micro Belgium is partnered with Nuon to provide electricity for its EMEA headquarters facility. As a supplier of gas, electricity, heat and cooling, Nuon offers its customers reliable, sustainable and affordable energy-saving products and services. Nuon regularly invests in innovative projects such as wind farms and solar energy projects to move its technology forward with the goal to be an environmentally neutral company by 2050. Partnerships like this one add to Ingram Micro's commitment to lesson our overall environmental impact.

PAC Worldwide
PAC offers Ingram Micro durable, moisture-resistant and environmentally friendly packaging materials such as bubble rolls and poly-mailers. Many mailers are are recyclable and they offer a specific line of 100% recyclable material engineered to meet HDPE 2 and LDPE 4 standards. As a company, PAC maintains sustainability practices in its plastics and paper manufacturing, recycling and waste management and energy use.

In North America, Ingram Micro is partnered with IKON to help save costs, energy and paper consumption. From 2004-2009, we reduced our energy usage by 35% through printer-equipment efficiencies. In 2010, North America upgraded its fleet of printers to the latest IKON multi-function devices (MFDs), which are EPA ENERGY STAR certified. The new copiers are designed to generate a reduced-carbon footprint/lower overall energy consumption and help us minimize our impact on the environment. IKON has helped Ingram Micro save 50% in both the cost of equipment and cost of services by right-sizing the number of necessary MFDs we need.

Ingram Micro Canada uses corrugated cartons from RockTenn to ship packages around the globe. Their products are made from renewable resources and are third-party certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) ISO 14000 -- recently earning the SFI Certified Sourcing Label, which requires their participation in land stewardship.

Working with Staples’ EcoEasy products allows Ingram Micro to choose office supplies with distinct environmental attributes that are recycled, remanufactured, refillable, rechargeable and 3rd party certified. We’re also proud to work with a partner who is adding 51 electric vehicles to its fleet in the U.S. in 2011 with plans to expand in 2012.

Through partnerships such as these, Ingram Micro sets an internal standard for socially responsible citizenship and we steer our purchasing power toward companies that share similar values.

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