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Awards of Excellence: It's About All of Us

Awards of Excellence is Ingram Micro's all-inclusive rewards and recognition program. This multi-faceted program recognizes associates whose exceptional performance and stellar achievements embrace Ingram Micro's values of teamwork, respect, accountability, integrity and Innovation. The rewards and recognition include:

Informal Daily Recognition and Rewards -- Kudos to You!
We believe in creating a culture of recognition by emphasizing daily recognition. Informal, daily, positive feedback is highly meaningful to associates because it's frequent, personal, and can be closely connected to the behavior being recognized. It can be used to recognize and reward less tangible/measurable contributions, and good efforts are recognized instead of just results, and can be a very effective way to show appreciation and build an environment of cooperation between associates, teams, and departments. Associates at every level of the organization are encouraged to recognize and reward their co-workers -- through verbal encouragement, written notes or other appropriate means -- for going above and beyond their duties in helping an internal or external customer while demonstrating any of Ingram Micro's values.

Formal Department Recognition and Rewards
Incorporating systems of recognition and rewards into our company culture is everyone's responsibility. It starts by communicating the importance of Ingram Micro's number-one asset: our associates. Formal department recognition and rewards help create a work environment where associates feel valued and motivated. Rewards are given to associates for attaining quantifiable results related to improvement or growth of the business, while demonstrating any of Ingram Micro's values. Many departments have incorporated fun, variety and innovation by using monthly, quarterly and annual meetings and special events to honor award winners.

Incentive Plans
Ingram Micro's incentive plans aim at rewarding our leadership team for contributing to and achieving our regional goals and objectives.

Quarterly Regional or Corporate Award of Excellence
These monetary awards honor individual associates or teams who demonstrate exceptional performance and behavior at the regional and corporate levels. Celebration ceremonies are held in each region for presentation.

Annual Global Award of Excellence
This prominent award honors teams or individual associates who demonstrate exceptional performance and behavior and achieve extraordinary results on a global scale. The chairman and CEO will personally recognize the recipients of this monetary award.

Martha Ingram Leadership Award
This is Ingram Micro's most prestigious individual contributor honor for outstanding leadership and service to the company and/or local community. Given in the name of Martha Ingram, one of Ingram Micro's founding owners, this annual award celebrates the associate who most exemplifies acts of courage, selflessness, honesty, and integrity with colleagues, partners, and community members. Award winners receive a crystal plaque and Ingram Micro stock units along with recognition at corporate headquarters.

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As an Equal Opportunity Employer, Ingram Micro is dedicated to fostering the strength that diversity brings to our workforce. EOE EF/DIV