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Smart Care Service

Fast. Easy. Auto Quote


Services Portfolio


Ingram Micro's Cisco Evolve & Optimize Event

This unique, no-cost event was developed to help partners establish services marketing, sales and delivery practices that will maximize your profitability and increase sales of your own brand of services by leveraging Cisco tools, systems and leading practices.

Hosted by Cisco and Ingram Micro, CEO combines your input around the state of your business and where you want to go, with in-depth industry trends, Cisco Smart Services workshops and 1:1 consultations--all to get your business to best-in-class. A best-in-class solution provider may experience three times more profitability than a median solutions provider, and have maximized their profitability utilizing business best practices.

  • How do I transition from my current business model to my desired future state?
  • How do I optimize my existing business model?
  • Am I a best-in-class solution provider? If not, how do I become one?
  • How do I accelerate growth and profitability with Cisco?

Please see Power Point presentations from this event:

Transforming the Services Business
Jay Miley
view presentation 2.4 MB, PowerPoint

The Future of IT Services
Bryan Britz
view presentation 4.2 MB, PowerPoint

Cisco Smart Services
Pete Davis
view presentation 3.4 MB, PowerPoint

Ingram Micro Cloud--Simplifying Success in the Cloud
Jason Bystrak
view presentation 4.3 MB, PowerPoint

Optimize Your Installed Base
Ryan Kingston
view presentation 7.4 MB, PowerPoint

Smart Services Acceleration Plan
Lindsey Taylor
view presentation 3.3 MB, PowerPoint

Ingram Micro Service Advantage
James Skelton
view presentation 3.1 MB, PowerPoint

CEO Nashville Agenda
view presentation 228K, Word

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Smart Services Information Sheets: Smart Care and CPS

Smart Care


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Cisco Smart Net Total Care Exposes What Your Network May Be Hiding

IT managers hate solving network mysteries--particularly those involving device status, contract coverage and software updates. Cisco Smart Net Total Care gathers the necessary clues to paint a clear picture, providing customers with visibility into their contracts, installed base and end-of-support items--all managed through a single portal.

Customers receive:

  • Access to installed-base information and reports
  • Personalized alerts for devices in the installed base
  • Device diagnostics and real-time alerts
  • 24-hour access to Cisco's Technical Assistance Center (TAC)
  • Advance hardware replacement
  • Operating system upgrades
  • Online resources

Reseller benefits:

  • Increase your services revenue opportunities
  • Identify products that can be refreshed
  • Reduce renewal time
  • Better service customers with a large and complex installed base of Cisco products
  • Help customers efficiently track devices covered by service agreements as well as end-of-life or end-of-service devices
  • Make your sales conversations more consultative than transactional.

Contact Mark Utzig, Ingram Micro Smart Services channel account specialist, or visit

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Hardware Warranty Vs. Service Contract

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The introduction of Cisco Limited Lifetime Warranty and Enhanced Limited Lifetime Warranty has some customers believing even more firmly that they can rely on warranty instead of a service contract. Whether the product comes with Cisco's standard 90-day warranty, LLW or E-LLW, there's still a strong value proposition for Cisco Services, as your customers are not fully protected without a service contract. A service contract can provide important benefits to customers that aren't available through warranty alone, including:

  • Hardware replacement in a little as two working hours compared to as many as 10 business days
  • Parts shipped to the customer rather than the original 'ship to' address
  • Access to remote technical support via the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC)
  • Operating system and premium software updates
  • Online privileges to access technical tools and resources
  • Proactive diagnostics and alerts on select devices

Important Facts

  • Warranties expire and cannot be renewed
  • Warranties don't provide customers with priority status in the Cisco TAC queue

Learn more about the difference between services and warranty:

Positioning Services Against Warranty At-A-Glance 302K, PDF
The Value of Services Over Warranty: Quick Reference Guide 719K, PDF

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Taking Services to Market: Options for You and Your Customers

Build a robust services practice. Strengthen the services you sell under your own brand or the Cisco brand. Add depth and breadth to your portfolio. With Cisco Services, partners have access to Cisco technology experts, award-winning Web-based support tools, software support and updates, Cisco industry leadership and more.

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Turn Your Inbox Into An ATM--Auto Quotes from Ingram Micro and Cisco

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Auto Quote delivers easy money to you and ensures service coverage for your customer. Ingram Micro's Reseller Services Portal (RSP) generates Cisco SMARTnet quotes for renewal and unattached opportunities and sends them to your inbox, making it easy to renew and attach SMARTnet contracts.

The Auto Quote email helps you reach out to customers to close more SMARTnet sales. It also provides all the information necessary for you to immediately renew and attach a SMARTnet contract on behalf of your customer. The Auto Quote email includes an approval and validated Cisco Quote number, making it fast and easy to transact service sales.


  • Never miss a SMARTnet renewal or attach opportunity
  • Cost removed from generating quotes and managing service contract opportunities
  • Increase Cisco SMARTnet renewal and attach rates
  • Receive proactive, preapproved and validated Cisco quotes
  • Decreases time-to-close ratios
  • Easily transact SMARTnet contracts

Fast, Easy, Auto Quote
Log into Ingram Micro's Reseller Services Portal today to get all the information you need to create an orderable valid Cisco quote and immediately renew and attach a SMARTnet contract on behalf of your customer. It's free, fast and easy.

For details, contact us at (866) 490-1304 or Ask about Auto Quote.

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Services Portfolio

Cisco Collaborative Professional Services (CPS)
Technical Services
Cisco Technical Education (CTE)
Technology-Specific Operate Services
Services Quoting and Ordering
The Service Support Center Community Is Now in General Availability


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Cisco Collaborative Professional Services

Providing assets for building new capabilities to profitably expand your practice.
Cisco Collaborative Professional Services (CPS) are designed to provide qualified Cisco channel partners assets that can be used for building a range of new services to profitably expand their professional services practice. It provides partners with access to Cisco engineering expertise, Smart Services innovation, best practices and proprietary methodologies to cost-effectively develop and deliver high-value services for planning, designing and optimizing Cisco technologies for your customers.

CPS provides:

  • Automation to embed Cisco's knowledge, experience and expertise into services that we sell directly to you to help you deliver professional or managed services to your customers
  • Service delivery available through a scalable infrastructure so you can access CPS no matter where you are in the world
  • Intellectual capital with smart capabilities to get you to market faster and help you deliver services more profitably and with less risk

Delivered by specialized partners with a strong professional services practice, CPS solutions enhance your business practice across a compelling portfolio that includes offers for:

  • Routing and switching
  • Security
  • WLAN
  • Unified communications
  • Telepresence
  • Data center
  • Virtualization

Partner eligibility for CPS:

  • Partners must (1) have a Cisco Gold, Silver or Premier Certification, and (2) have achieved an Advanced-level or Master-level specialization from Cisco in the technology to be ordered by the partner.
  • Cisco may also require that the partner have a Cisco Authorized Technology Provider (ATP) designation or other partner designations in order to meet the requirements for purchasing certain CPS offerings.

Download the following available resources for a detailed overview of CPS offerings by architecture:

Partner Field Guide: Provides an overview of CPS offerings with links to supporting documentation (data sheets, training VODs, QRGs, etc.) on Partner Central.
Eligibility Requirements/ Price List: Provides CPS Certification/Specialization requirements and list prices.

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Technical Services

Cisco Smart Care Service--A Collaborative Service
Cisco Smart Care Service with smart, proactive capabilities enables you to build powerful, personalized services. You can combine Cisco intellectual property, delivery infrastructure and tools with your own value-added capabilities in a unique offering tailored to your customers' needs.

Smart Care covers your customers' entire networks, so they can focus on their business. As their trusted advisor, you build unparalleled loyalty. And because Smart Care is embedded in your customers' networks, it's difficult for them to go to a competitor.

Smart Care also provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Catch more sales opportunities. When you perform an Inventory and Discovery with Smart Care, you'll see that on average, 80% of your customers' networks are not covered by services and that 16% of the products need to be refreshed. So your next sale with your customer is right in front of you.
  • Attract more customers by combining Cisco intellectual property, delivery infrastructure and tools with your own branded services. This creates a unique offering and price structure you can tailor to your customers? needs.
  • Grab higher margins, higher attach rates and recurring revenue because all devices are covered on one contract.
  • Get proactive monitoring, near-time alerts and all the support you need to fix issues fast. Your customers get peace of mind knowing that their risk of downtime is greatly reduced and that they have a consistent, knowledgeable advisor watching over them.

More info 426K, PDF

To learn how you can boost your business with Smart Care, contact your Ingram Micro dedicated Smart Care specialist, Kait Miller, at (800) 456-8000, ext. 66483.

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Cisco SMARTnet Service
An award-winning technical support service that gives you direct, anytime access to Cisco engineers and an extensive range of technical resources, SMARTnet Service delivers rapid issue resolution, flexible device-by-device coverage, and premium service options to help you maximize operational efficiency. More info


Smart Call Home

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Cisco Smart Call Home is an award-winning, embedded support feature available on a broad range of Cisco products. Smart Call Home enabled devices continuously perform proactive diagnostics on their own components to provide real-time alerts and remediation advice when an issue is detected.

This proactive, support capability is provided at no additional cost when you have an active SMARTnet Service contract for the designated products. Problems can be identified before they affect your business. Spend less time troubleshooting, experience a speedier resolution to network issues and gain higher network availability.

Cisco Smart Call Home offers:

  • Visibility into your network through diagnostic reports on Smart Call Home enabled devices
  • Real-time trouble shooting, alerts and remediation advice
  • Automatic generation of Cisco service requests to Cisco technical engineers
  • Secure, reliable data transport
  • Personalized web-based portal to review Call Home messages, detailed diagnostics, recommendations and inventory

Smart Call Home is currently available only on selected Cisco products.
More info

Cisco Smart Foundation Service
Formerly called SMB Support Assistant, Cisco Smart Foundation Service is specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses, this service provides simplified, cost-effective network support to help SMB customers ensure operational reliability and protect technology investments on select SMB products.
More info

Cisco Application Support
Software Application Support (SAS), Software Application Support plus Upgrades (SASU), and Unified Communications Essential Operate Service cost-effectively provide timely, uninterrupted access to application software updates and extensive technical support resources to help you keep your network available and secure.
More info

Cisco Small Business Service & Support
Cisco offers an innovative portfolio of services and support resources to help you and your partners sell, design and deploy solutions that build customer loyalty.
View Small Business Support Services At-A-Glance 719K, PDF
More info

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Cisco Technical Education (CTE)

You may face increasing demand to deliver applications and services, while reducing costs and maintaining high levels of service- wherever you're located. At the same time, you may be challenged with the rising complexity of network infrastructure. Now, you can access Cisco Technical Education--a cloud-based, e-learning portal, which provides easy access to a variety of technical training modules including break/fix and new product introduction (NPI) training used by Cisco's own TAC engineers. 

Cisco Technical Education helps:

  • Reduce Problem Resolution Time: By providing searchable, focused online training modules, partners will find the tools they need to quickly resolve customer issues.
  • Raise Customer Satisfaction: With a reduced problem resolution time, the customer satisfaction rate can go up. This helps reduce service requests flagged and therefore increases service discount rates.
  • Increase Operational Efficiency: With 24/7 access to premium training content, Cisco Technical Education helps contribute to developing greater workforce effectiveness

Primary features of the e-learning portal include:

  • More than 10,000 training modules available, with additional content being continually added
  • Short, easily consumable modules--each module is typically no more than 20 minutes
  • Guidance and direction through training roadmaps, which group selected modules into logical, progressive curricula made up of e-courses
  • Administration features, such as student access on training modules and overall utilization of the e-learning portal
  • Online access to Cisco equipment for students to perform self-directed lab exercises
  • Support for a variety of technology packages: Network Fundamentals, Routing and Switching, Service Provider, Data Center, Security, Collaboration, and Wireless

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Technology-Specific Operate Services

Cisco SMARTnet Service for SBCS
An award-winning technical support service that gives you direct, anytime access to Cisco engineers and an extensive range of technical resources, Cisco SMARTnet Service delivers rapid issue resolution and complete, solutions-level technical support for the Smart Business Communications System.
More info

Cisco TelePresence Essential Operate Service
Provides system-level, ongoing technical support to maintain the high performance of Cisco TelePresence solutions.
More info

Cisco Unified Communications Operate Services
Simplify your customer's post-sales support and reduce their downtime with integrated, systems-level support for Cisco Unified Communications deployments.

Cisco Unified Computing Support and Warranty Services
Increase uptime, quickly resolve issues, and get the most from your unified computing investment.
More info

Cisco Security IntelliShield Alert Manager Service
Provides a customizable, web-based threat and vulnerability alert service that allows organizations to easily access timely, accurate and credible information about potential vulnerabilities in their environment.

Cisco Services for IPS
Keep your Cisco Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) updated and effective against ongoing security threats with a comprehensive service that includes around-the-clock technical support, hardware replacement, software and signature file updates, and dynamic global threat information.
More info

SMS3 Quoting Tool
Learn how to use the SCC Quoting Tool to create, modify, share, manage and order service quotes based on the Enterprise services price list. Benefits include:

  • Auto registration -- up to 100% registration rate
  • Co-term pricing and multi-year discounts are automatically calculated
  • Enables you to take control of the service quoting process
  • Productivity gains due to less administrative work and more streamlined processes, freeing up your sales teams to focus on selling
  • Same-day contract entitlement

As a prerequisite to attending one of the above sessions, you must have a Cisco Connection Online (CCO) User ID. If you don't already have one, create a login now. Select the "Login Name" section to choose your CCO User ID. Remember your CCO ID and password, so you can access Cisco's online tools.

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Join the Service Support Center Community

Providing a Next-Generation Support Experience
The Service Support Center community is targeted toward users of Cisco Service Tools, including Cisco Service Contract Center (Cisco SCC), SCC indirect resellers (SMS3), and Performance Metrics Central (PMC). Community members have access to a variety of regularly updated support articles, discussions, blogs and web-based training videos.
Join today

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Streetwise Service Pricing for C2K and C3K Switches
Cisco Services Partner Program
Announcing: Cisco Services Added to the Cisco Rewards Program
Cisco Accelerate Program
Smart Care Education Discount
Services NFR Program
Smart Care Service NFR Program
Partner Practice Builder
Cisco E-Consulting for Partners


Streetwise Service Pricing for C2K and C3K Switches

As a result of a thorough competitive comparison and review of support strategies, Cisco Services announced a price change across the C2K and C3K switch service portfolio, effective Feb. 1, 2013. The result is simple, consistent and competitive service pricing across this family of switches.

Cisco has taken care to keep special service pricing, such as the discounted Shared Support for partners, aligned with new service pricing. Also in line, the support price for a C3K with IP Services is equal to that same switch with IP Base. Current business unit SW policy applies, requiring a SMARTnet contract for customers to get updates to IP Service Level IOS.

Partner Tips for Attaching Cisco Services

The best time for your partners to make a case for services is at the beginning of discussions when they're determining their customers' overall needs:

  • Sell complete solutions, not just products or services
  • Define customer spend to include services
  • Promote the value of services over warranty  
  • Offer financing solutions from Cisco Capital
For more information about the C2K and C3K service pricing change, direct your partners to

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Cisco Services Partner Program

The new Cisco Services Partner Program began Oct. 29, 2012, giving every partner the opportunity to earn performance-based cash rebates for selling Cisco Services. Join today at Whether you're new to Cisco Services or looking to grow your existing business, use Road to Services Rebates, an interactive web portal that maps a simplified route to help you build your Cisco Services business practice and increase your opportunity to earn performance-based rebates in the Cisco Services Partner Program. It also:

  • Outlines an enablement path to initiate, build and grow your Cisco Services business practice
  • Provides easy access to the relevant tools and resources

Learn more

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Announcing: Cisco Services Added to the Cisco Rewards Program

Cisco Rewards is a global loyalty program designed to help you improve sales and grow your Cisco business. Points are rewarded for selling eligible Cisco products. Points can then be redeemed for merchandise, enriching experiences, travel and more. Cisco Services will be added to the program in Q1-FY13.

Designed as an attach play, we have partnered with our product counterparts and are offering bonus points for attaching services to your eligible products. Simply sell Cisco Rewards-eligible products, attach services to those products and claim your points.

For the promotional flyer and eligible U.S. SKU list, please visit

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Cisco Accelerate Program

The Cisco Services Accelerate Program is a training and incentive program designed to help you and your teams sell Cisco Services more effectively and grow your business. The Cisco Services Accelerate Program:

  • Offers easy-to-use, self-paced online training at no cost
  • Provides a comprehensive range of learning topics
  • Helps partners sell services effectively to SMB customers
  • Rewards individuals for time investment with an opportunity to earn prizes
  • Helps partners effectively position and sell Cisco Services
  • Helps partner increase services bookings
  • Can assist partners retain and satisfy customers

Register today

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Smart Care Education Discount

To meet the growth and interest in Smart Care services for state and local education institutions, the Cisco Smart Care program is pleased to announce that a special discount has been approved and integrated into the program offering. Specific price details must be acquired from Ingram Micro and are consistent with other Cisco service discounts for this market segment. This promotion is available for K-12 and higher education customers only.

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Services NFR Program

Rewards resellers that have purchased products used for their labs, demos and sales office infrastructure with a generous discount on the corresponding services. Get a 70% discount on all Cisco services purchased for product purchased under the NFR program. A corresponding NFR product deviation approval must be provided. All Cisco SMARTnet products are eligible.

Registered partners and above are eligible. For more details, please contact your Cisco CAM.

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Smart Care Service NFR Program

Purchase a Smart Care NFR contract today at 70% off the established Cisco price to partners. Add a router and switch under an internal Smart Care contract and you will have a Smart Care appliance in house for as low as $585.

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Partner Practice Builder

Optimize your business with Cisco Partner Practice Builder.
More info

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Cisco E-Consulting for Partners

They're making E-Consulting work for you. Accelerate profitable growth by targeting your strengths and improvement areas. Cisco E-Consulting for Partners resource provides a detailed snapshot of your current performance.
More info

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Free Web-Based Tool
Services Quoting and Ordering Services


Free Web-Based Tool

Use this free web-based tool to help you identify service contracts ready to expire, assets you've sold that need coverage and product-refresh opportunities. As companies continue to reduce purchases of hardware and software, you can find new opportunities selling renewal contracts for existing hardware. View the service contracts you have sold to your end clients on this free portal.

Choose one of three ways to request an ID and password:

  1. Visit the login page and select New User
  2. Call (866) 490-1304
  3. Email us and include your Ingram Micro customer number

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Services Quoting and Ordering Services

Quoting and Ordering for Resellers and Distributors SCC for Indirect Resellers and Distributors (SMS3) provides distributors and resellers with a streamlined and globally consistent method to quote, order and register new and renewal service contracts. Training for SCC for Indirect Resellers and Distributors (SMS3).

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