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Healthcare Specimen Collection

Reduce Medical Errors and Simplify Compliance

Ensuring patient safety is a primary concern for today’s healthcare professionals. The rising complexity of medical care has been further complicated with the large variety of new medications on the market. As a result, medical errors have become one of the largest safety gaps in the healthcare industry.

Provide your customers with peace of mind when you implement Ingram Micro’s complete point-of-care specimen collection system that uses bar-code and mobile printing technology to monitor bedside administration of all medications.

  • Protect patient safety with disinfectant-ready housings
  • Reduce specimen identification and tracking errors
  • Improve patient safety and save lives by avoiding medication errors
  • Reduce costs associated with lengthy hospital stays resulting from Adverse Drug Events (ADE)
  • Lower litigation costs that stem from preventable errors
  • Increase confidence and improve communication among staff
  • Simplify HIPAA compliance
  • Improve patient billing accuracy with improved tracking of consumables
  • Track and manage samples in the lab during testing and diagnostic phases by bar coding vials, Petri dishes, slides and more
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